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Are you ready to enjoy the great outdoors of a northern Illinois autumn? On November 6, Cantigny is again hosting it's 5K run, and is looking forward to DuPage ARES again providing communications support as we did pre-COVID.

Ed (K9EW) is looking for ham volunteers to help in communications. This event takes place on the grounds of Cantigny Park, and benefits a shelter for homeless veterans. We station hams with HT's at various points around the course to report on any incidents or runners/walkers in need of assistance. 


The runners start at 0900.  We usually assemble for briefing and dispatch to our locations at 0745. 
The event usually ends before noon.

Please advise your availability to k9gsw@arrl.net 

Thank you,

Dave Harr
Emergency Coordinator
DuPage County ARES

More Ares Info from Dave Harr:

Here is some scoop on the Cantigny run.  More will be coming out over the weekend, including assignments.

Every year Cantigny hosts a 5K Run to benefit an organization providing shelter for homeless veterans. (As part of the fundraiser, there is also a breakfast at the LeJardin Restaurant on the Cantigny Grounds run by an American Legion Post from 7 to 1 PM ($10))



Basically, we have ham operators stationed at about 13 checkpoints around the 5 K course which starts at the north main parking lot, then loops around almost to the eastern border of the park, then down and around until it turns north again near the golf clubhouse.  It's a beautiful course.

We'll assemble at 7:45 for a briefing, after which our operators are taken by the park's tram to the assigned checkpoints. We'll do the usual testing, and then the 5K run kicks off at 9 am, heralded by a cannon boom. (This IS, after all, Cantigny!) The last runners/walkers should be off the course between 10:30 and 11, after which our operators are picked up.

We cover the course using FM simplex on 146.400.  A complete ICS 205 will be sent with the full briefing package, which includes specific assignments and a map.

I think you'll enjoy taking part!

If you have questions, let me or Ed (K9EW) know.

Dave Harr K9GSW



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Please read this special notice from
DARC ARES Chair Ed Worst, K9EW

DuPage County ARES
(Amateur Radio Emergency Service)

From the Federal Communications Commission:  
The FCC [Federal Communications Commission] established amateur radio as a voluntary, non-commercial, radio communications service. It allows licensed operators to improve their communications and technical skills, while providing the nation with a pool of trained radio operators and technicians who can provide essential communications during emergencies."

In our scheduled nets, we practice emergency communications skills such as sending messages by voice and digital modes, and we also conduct a Severe Weather Practice Net twice a month. 
The details of these nets are on our website.

If you'd like to learn more about DuPage County ARES, you can check out our website or emailĀ Ed at k9ew@arrl.net).
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