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Hey! Wait a minute!
Before we whisk you off to the ARRL WEBSITE
(at no charge whatsoever),
There's some news in the air and YOU need
to know about it.

Its about joining ARRL,
There's something NEW in that NEWS in the air and it
will, over time, provide DARC with always needed

Best of all, it won't cost you a thing!
Well maybe a postage stamp. But who's counting?

...from your Treasurer {and Overseer of the local Exchcquer)
Mr. Greg Lindquist

Support your club when
paying your ARRL Dues!

Note – this process has recently changed and checks should now be made out to ARRL instead of the club.

As an ARRL-affiliated club, DARC is eligible to receive a commission when members join or renew their ARRL membership.  Fill out the ARRL renewal form as usual and make out a check for the amount due payable to ARRL (or fill out the credit card information at the bottom). Then instead of mailing it off to the ARRL, hand it to the DARC club treasurer at a meeting
or drop it in the mail to
PO Box 71
Clarendon Hills, IL  60514).

The club treasurer will forward the membership/renewal form and your payment to the ARRL along with a form identifying the affiliated club you belong to. After processing, the ARRL will pay a commission to the club. ($5 for a renewal, $15 for a new membership).  If everyone remembers to do it this way, it can add up and keep the club’s bank balance healthy.  And all it takes is mailing your renewal to the club
instead of directly to the ARRL!

So where's the form?
Right here

Click on it to download the full-sized 2003 PDF form!

If you want to go to the ARRL Website
Click HERE!