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Both local and national!

"The DARC Simplex Challenge."
The next will be DARC Simplex Challenge XI
(and so on like the Super Bowl...which by the way was
ALMOST won by those BENGALS from Cincinnati...)
This year will be Challenge XI or so...
Let's see how long we can keep this going!

Where did this come from you ask?
One of the questions on the Lunch Bunch one day was
if anyone had made simplex contacts recently. There were so
many people who didn't even have any simplex channels
programed in their radios, that we set out to try and can change that.

There are 3 ARRL vhf/uhf contests like this during the year.
(January, June and September) In an effort to get people more involved in simplex operations we came up with this.
Think of it as a "contest within a contest".

Here is how it works. During the contest work at least
5 DARC club members on simplex. Either FM or sideband.
Send me Bruce (WB9WOZ) a copy of your log
to verify contacts, and you get a certificate!

During the September contest, John N9HRT worked 6
and Brian-WB9UGX and Scott-KA9P both worked 4 each.
(I worked 7 but he came up with this so couldn't win...this year!)

Work at least five Club members on the air during the
contest and you'll receive a certificate!
(Scroll down to see photos of past Simplex Challenge happy winners!)

To increase Club member activity on non-repeater frequencies,
and demonstrate that even with just a dual band
radio, anyone can
contest. This is a great time to try out new
gear and antennas, see
how far you can actually communicate
without the use of repeaters,
and get practical experience in communicating.

The Simplex Challenge runs during the following contests:
June VHF Contest,
September VHF Contest
Follow general rules for those contests.
(Two more fall and winter will be
advertised in a timely manner...)

Modes: AM, FM, SSB, CW/Digital

Any simplex frequency is allowed, most activity is found
on these suggested frequencies:
AM-50.40  144.144
FM-52.525  146.52  223.50  446.00
SSB-50.125  144.200  222.100  432.100
CW/Digital-Designated sub bands

Here's more info:
Aggregate scoring:
Scores will be tallied at the end of the year.
Winner will be awarded a Plaque!
2 meters - one point per qso
440/432 - two points per qso
6 meters - three points per qso
1.25 meters - four points per qso
The less common the band, the higher the points

Suggested times for Club Members
Saturday 7-9 pm
Sunday 7-9 pm prior to DARC Net

Any questions?
If so contact me

Bruce Epperson - KA9H,
Greg Lindquist - KG9R,
Ed Worst - K9EW
Murray Cutler - W9EHQ,
Bob Lyons - KA9BHD,
John McCarty - N9HRT
Don Hlinsky - N9IZU,
Scott McDonald, KA9P

DARC Simplex Challenge III

And Here Are the Winners!


Darc Simplex Challenge I Winner!

John (N9HRT) Receives Winner's Certificate
from Bruce (WB9WOZ)
Photo Courtesy of

Greg - KG9R

Keep an eye on
Armed Forces Day
More info will be released on April 1, 2o22